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The Bizable Media team works with creative producers and other rights holders to facilitate, finance, manage and deliver exceptional screen-based content. Our clients are passionate creators working in all forms of content from documentary to drama to webseries and apps. We support our clients’ projects with our deep industry knowledge, our relationships and our commitment to efficiency and thoroughness.

We won’t drop the ball

Our team provides a range of services from straight-forward “back-office” administration to high level producing support depending on your needs. Contact us for a complete menu of our services.


Budget and cashflow preparation

Funding applications

Contract review and administration

Tax credit management

Interim financing

Insurance, guild and statutory compliance

Financial and other reporting


Project financing and recoupment

Corporate and project structuring
to enhance producer’s position

Identifying and clarifying underlying rights issues

Cost management and sales optimization

Bolster stakeholder relationships

Long term business planning


Support early stage development to project greenlight

Identify and approach potential investors, funds and distributors to augment financing

Recruit key creative talent

Rights management

Mentorship of emerging producers

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Who We Are

Janice Dawe


As one of Canada’s most respected “business-minded” producers, Janice brings to Bizable Media years of expertise in developing and financing a variety of screen-based content. Janice has produced over 150 hours of dramatic, documentary, factual and interactive content that has won awards and sold internationally. From 2005 – 2013 she held the senior role of Vice-President Production for White Pine Pictures. Over her career, she has formed strong relationships with the creative community, broadcasters, buyers, financiers and lenders. Janice currently serves on the OMDC Screen-based Industry Advisory Committee and the CMPA’s documentary working group.

Kathy Avrich-Johnson


Kathy is a trusted business partner and collaborator in realizing creative partners’ visions. She was instrumental in building organizations (ACFTP, the Aspergers Society of Ontario) and managing and professionalizing private companies (Norstar Entertainment, Canadian Accents, Ilana C Frank Films). Producer of more than 160 hours of television drama, Kathy has also produced several features, both documentary and dramatic, and 50+ web related extensions of television series. An entertainment lawyer since 1983, Kathy is an expert in listening to and advising clients, negotiating, drafting and implementing entertainment agreements.

Nava Rastegar

Manager, Business Affairs

Nava began her career in media production through CMPA’s Screen Based Media Production Program. She has managed successful funding applications for film, television, and transmedia projects, as well as providing front line production management and rights clearances for documentary productions. Prior to her career in media production, Nava held positions at TIFF and HotDocs. She earned a B.A in History and Art as well an M.A in German History at the University of Toronto. Nava regularly undertakes new challenges, supporting independent producers on their projects to achieve creative and commercial success.

Laura Jabalee

Manager, Business Affairs

Laura joined the Bizable team through CMPA’s Screen Based Media Production Program. An actor and creator, Laura has worked in both webseries and the independent theatre community, including work in the award-winning series Out With Dad. She has a B.A in Theatre and Drama Studies from the University of Toronto, Mississauga and a Diploma in Acting from Sheridan College. Laura has also interned at the Toronto Arts Council and juried for the TOWebfest. It was as an aspiring producer that Laura came to the attention of Kathy and Janice. Laura has immersed herself in all aspects of production prep and business affairs since.

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What We’ve Done

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What They Say

  • “It’s very liberating to have Janice Dawe on a project – she has brought an unparalleled business strength to our productions. And she is a joy to work with.”

    Virginia ThompsonPresident/Partner/EP at Verité Films
  • “The support that Janice & Kathy have provided A Better Man has been invaluable. Offering the highest standard in business affairs and strategic planning for our film, Bizable has helped us achieve the excellence that we envisioned for our project. I look forward to working with Bizable’s team on future projects.”

    Christine KlecknerPartner/Producer at Intervention Productions Inc.
  • "Bizable - aka Janice and Kathy - are adept and accomplished. I’ve never had a production run better. They do it all – strategy, planning, packaging and it’s painless. The best decision I’ve ever made in the biz.”

    Derek DiorioPresident of Distinct Features/EP of Hard Rock Medical
  • “As a Nunavut-based production company with limited access to Canada's film and television Industry, Bizable has been instrumental to us in reaching our goals of producing our first independent television series.”

    Stacey Aglok MacDonaldPartner/Producer at Qanukiaq Studios Inc.
  • "All the talent in the world isn't worth much without locking down the deals. Bizable Media knows how to stickhandle the business to make sure you land them."

    Michèle HozerFilmmaker, The Cutting Factory
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How To Reach Us

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